Coast KZN

05 Mar 2018

Nile crocodile in oThongathi

Thobeka Ngema (Daily News) Picture: Nile crocodile found in a water treatment plant in oThongathi

Well-known snake catcher Nick Evans caught a reptile of a different kind on Sunday night.

“Sheesh ja, what an amazing call, certainly not what I’m used to!” exclaimed Evans after catching a 2.46m Nile crocodile, his first, at a water treatment plant in oThongathi.

“My friend Shane Pike, my fiancée Joelle Hoareau and I were not prepared for it at all. When we first got the call, I assumed it would be the more common Monitor Lizard, which many people confuse for a crocodile, but a SAPS officer who had arrived on scene sent me a photo, confirming that it was a crocodile.

“I thought it would be a quick and easy catch, but it turned out to be far bigger than I expected,” he said.

They first used rope, which the crocodile snapped with ease. However, Pike had thick cable that they were able to use in conjunction with the rope, to capture the reptile.

Evans sprained his wrist and sustained a few cuts in the process.

He said Nile crocodiles are not common in greater Durban and are often killed despite being a protected species. They are not a threat unless approached.
“However, they are responsible for a number of human deaths throughout Africa. It is certainly not an animal to mess around with. Some people think they’re fat and lazy, but they can explode into action when required,” he said.

The crocodile was handed over to authorities to be released.