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14 Nov 2016

Night-time beach walkers set to catch supermoon sighting

Michelle Izatt (South Coast Sun)


Don’t miss out on this rate opportunity to get outside, enjoy nature and get great photos of this rare natural phenomenon

On Monday, 14 November sky watchers around the world will witness the closest, brightest and biggest full moon since 1948.

With the supermoon, as its known, illuminating the night sky (as long as it remains clear of clouds, of course), it should be a great time to get outside and gaze at it or take some photos.

Here in Amanzimtoti, the folk who gather once a month to walk along Baggies Beach southwards to Winklespruit and back will get to witness this exceptionally rare spectacle from the vista of the shoreline. The walkers will meet at the Baggies beach kiosk at Warners and stroll southwards from 6pm, returning via the same route on the sandy shore.

A supermoon or technically a ‘perigee full moon’ is a phenomenon that occurs when a full moon coincides with the moon being the closest it gets to the Earth on its orbit. What makes this one special is that the moon is going to be even closer to the Earth than it normally gets, making it a tiny bit bigger than even the average supermoon.

Simply meet up with Toti’s other intrepid full moon walkers at 6pm or call Corinne on 084-781-2019 for more details.


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