Coast KZN

09 Jun 2017

News of a sardine run is fake says, Sharks Board

Shona Aylward (South Coast Herald)

Photographs currently doing the rounds on social media about sardines being netted are from years gone by and not this year.

THE photographs currently doing the rounds on social media of sardines being netted in Margate are from years gone by are not factual.

This was confirmed by the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board who said they had fielded numerous reports of sardines having been netted at Margate this past Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning however this was false.

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Mike Anderson-Reade, head of operations of the KZN Sharks Board said they flew to ‘Hole in the wall’ off the Eastern Cape Coast on Wednesday morning to see if there were any signs of shoals of sardines approaching the South Coast ahead of the coldfront which is expected today (Thursday).

No definite shoals of sardines were seen however about 1000 Cape gannets were seen diving sporadically about one nautical mile off Sugar Loaf which is situated about eight kilometres to the south of Port St Johns, said Mr Anderson-Reade.

Mr Anderson-Reade said there was no other activity in the area and it is suspected that these birds were feeding on shoals of various types of baitfish that are generally found off the Eastern Cape coast for most of the year.

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