Coast KZN

01 Aug 2020

MSC Orchestra anchored off Ballito blasts tribute to essential workers

Lesley Naude (North Coast Courier) Picture: The MSC Orchestra cruise ship. Photo: Captain Nicola Gravante Facebook page.

Ballito residents who were in the right place at the right time may have been lucky enough to hear the MSC Orchestra blast its horn at 12 noon.

The cruise ship, which has been in Ballito waters for much of lockdown, has become such a familiar sight to locals that it is already being refereed to fondly as “our ship”.

Speaking with the Courier the ship’s captain Nicola Gravante said: “Today we blow the ship’s whistle (horn) as a tribute for all the essential workers and the key workers who are still working and sacrificing their life for the sake of the international community in fighting against this pandemic, and of course is dedicated to the whole Ballito community.”

The idea for the tribute came from Ballito resident Charmaine Pretorius who contacted the captain and asked for the favour to boost the spirits of all our doctors, health care workers, and rescue teams.

Many Ballito residents will be greeting the ship back by honking horns and flashing lights at 8pm tonight.