Coast KZN

31 Aug 2017

More sections of tarmac fall onto eMdloti Beach

(Northglen News) Picture: More sections of the tarmac collapsed onto the beach on Wednesday.


Residents say they fear a total road collapse in eMdloti after more damage to North Beach Road.

ONE week after parts of North Beach Road on eMdloti Beach started crumbling, more sections of the road is falling away.

A local resident who has been living in the seaside town for more than 30 years said:

” I have been living on this road for 30 years but it has never been this bad. The tides are higher and the loffelstein walls don’t seem to be helping. Everything seems to be eroding. I’m afraid residents’ properties may be affected by the road collapse.”

“It is not the first time that we have encountered these problems on this beach, however, this is the worst.”

The resident said he was expecting swift action from the Municipality.

“The Municipality ought to do something else to resolve this problem. I have noticed that the beach in eMdloti has been much more quiet.”

The City has implemented a stop/go system near the Sandbar restaurant while repairs are being done and the road has been reduced to one lane.

The City is yet to respond to questions asked by the Northglen News.