Coast KZN

24 Apr 2019

Month of cleaning expected in wake of flood

Danica Hansen (Northglen News) Picture: The beach is awash with plastic pollution and litter that has flowed down from various rivers. Photo: Wildoceanssa.

HEAVY rains and flooding this week have left several areas littered with plastic pollution. Hanno Langenhoven, strategic manager of recycling at Wildlands Trust, said all areas exposed to big rivers have been effected from the Umgeni River, going South toward Amanzimtoti.

“All the rivers flowing down have been carrying a lot of plastic toward the beaches. All the beaches from Beachwood Mangroves going south have been affected by the storm,” he said.

For Langenhoven, the storm is testament to the never-ending fight against plastic pollution. Speaking on Tuesday, he said: “The overwhelming feeling today is one of sadness and being overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the plastic pollution, of which we see a very small part. The beach is suddenly awash with plastic again and it’s going to take another three to four weeks to clean it up, so we will keep on chipping away at it, but it becomes soul destroying to see that you’ve done the work one day and the beach is clean and the next day a big storm comes and the beach is completely inundated with plastic again.”

He added that Wildlands Trust had sent out teams to tackle the massive task.

The official clean up started today (24 April).  “I think its safe for civil society to join as of Thursday. If the community doesn’t want to come out, they are welcome to donate money towards bags that will be needed in huge quantities,” he said.

For more information about clean up projects, call Hanno Langenhoven on 063 257 8654.