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28 Jul 2016

Melville gets its beach back

Shona Aylward

Axel Axelson of Melville with his dog, Ruby, at the new Kingfisher Beach signboard.

After many years Melville residents are finally getting their beach back.

The once overgrown plot adjacent to the beach has been cleared recently, largely thanks to Duncan Jama, who heads up Hibiscus Coast Municipality’s (HCM) cleansing and maintenance department.

A lovely new signboard has been erected welcoming visitors to Kingfisher Beach. Now, all that needs to be done is for some benches and braai stands to be built to make for a fantastic picnic spot.

During the plot clearing an ablution block, remembered from a bygone era, was discovered. After all these years of been hidden in the bush, it needs a revamp to make it functional again.

The attractive beach, with an inviting tidal pool, is known to be popular spot during the holiday season. The woman behind this transformation is proactive June Myers, chairman of the Bendigo Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association.

Mrs Myers said she hoped that by resurrecting Kingfisher Beach it would lessen the footprint to Cracker Bay, a well-liked fishing spot that is known to be unsafe, and in turn attract more visitors and locals to Kingfisher Beach.

Many establishments on Cracker Bay have invested in their buildings, with some being upmarket holiday accommodation.

But dumping and vehicles been driven onto the beach, are tarnishing the image of the area.

Mrs Myers said that this is largely due to the concrete blocks having been moved to allow vehicles onto the beach. “Vehicles are not supposed to drive onto the beach as it’s an environmental hazard and illegal,” she said.

Axel Axleson, who walks his dog, Ruby, daily said the work done to the beach so far was a big improvement.

No response was received from HCM’s spokesman, Simon April at the time of writing.


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