Coast KZN

22 Jul 2019

Man drives car into ocean – and then sells it for R500

Sugan Naidoo (South Coast Herald)

A South Coast man drove his green VW Golf MK 1, directly into the ocean at the Shelly Beach Ski-boat Club today (Monday) at about 1pm. Officials said the driver (unnamed), displaying a Free State number plate at the rear of the vehicle, responded to a dare from a friend – that if he drove his car into the ocean, his friend would buy him a new one.

Well, he did so and drove directly into the sea. He removed himself from the car and, despite some initial concern from onlookers, said he was fine and needed no medical treatment.

New owners of the car Lindani Mzotho (left) Mario Card.

A bystander who did not want to be named said that the driver seemed to be quite happy with what he had done.

“He raised his hands above his head once he got out of the car and water,” he said.

Local boaters responded quickly and recovered the salt-damaged car, pulling it up onto the ski-boat parking bay.  Once the vehicle was parked the driver sold the car to two tow-truck operators for R500.

“Once he had been paid, in front of police, he left the scene,” said the bystander.

But before the two tow truck operators got away with their salty deal they were stopped by Ray Nkonyeni Law Enforcement. The officer noticed that the vehicle had no licence disk and had to confirm whether the vehicle did in fact belong to the man who drove the car into the water. The vehicle was towed to the Road Traffic Inspectorate pound in Marburg by the new owners. Law Enforcement officials are conducting their investigations and will make contact with the driver and presumably the new owners as to the outcome.