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13 Jun 2017

Lifeguard tower stuck in surf at uMhlanga beach

(Northglen News) Picture: Photo Another day in paradise


The tower has been stuck in the surf since the end of May

A LIFEGUARD tower which has washed out into uMhlanga’s surf is proving difficult to retrieve. The tower was washed away by the heavy rains and high seas at the end of May and is now firmly stuck in the surf near Bronze Beach.

Guy de Fleuriot, a local resident, who regularly walks along the promenade spotted the damaged tower stuck in the surf and snapped a photo of it.

“We spotted two towers damaged by the heavy rains. This particular one was dragged into the surf and was just being pushed northwards by the current,” he said.

The tower is firmly stuck in the surf on uMhlanga Beach. PHOTO: Guy de Fleuriot

According to Cara Reilly of the Umhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP), lifeguards tried to rescue the tower but it was firmly embedded in the sand.

“They have been trying for a week to get it out with various mechanisms with little success. They used the beach vehicle with a winch but it just bent and they even tried to dig it out at low tide but it is stuck so now we are considering the front end loader which we are waiting for the City to provide,” she said.