Coast KZN

02 Oct 2020

Letter: Litter on beach takes shine off holiday

(South Coast Herald) Letter to editor Picture: Pexels

Dear Editor,

We come down almost every year from the farm in Howick to visit Banana Beach and every year we love staying there. However, this year we were appalled at the litter on the beaches.

We arrived on Saturday, September 12 and the bins on the beach were overflowing. We left a week later and the same rubbish had been blown all over the place by the strong winds.

Please can the municipality do something about this as it was smelly and disgusting. With the issues around the Covid-19 pandemic, you would think hygiene would be extra important.

Every day I took a packet onto the beach and collected rubbish, only to find the next day the beach was again full of litter, with fishermen seeming to be among the culprits.