Coast KZN

27 Mar 2019

Let’s relocate monkeys to a coastal sanctuary

Susan Ames Gillam (South Coast Sun)


EDITOR – Given the two letters written recently to the Sun and published in the 15 March edition, headlined ‘Birth control needed for monkeys’, in my opinion what is really needed is a big rescue effort to relocate them all to their own home and sanctuary in a nature reserve somewhere along the KZN coast. Somewhere they can roam free and be very safe. It is going to take a very big effort, I know, to organise this and to do the correct logistics to make it happen on a regular basis. But without any doubt they will feel safe and free to breed and nature will do the rest to bring them home. There are wonderful people around us who spend all their time rescuing and looking after them already and they can be recruited to start this process and without doubt, will be motivated to do this as long as they are paid to assist with this process. So I for one, will start looking for a nature reserve which is prepared to home them and find the funding to make it happen. Without a doubt, I am sure there are many of your readers who would love to assist me? Either with their time, ideas or even money? I will be happy to set up and pay for the setting up of a trust with trustees.