Coast KZN

23 Sep 2016

Leachate dumping halted at SWTW

Erin Hanekom (Southlands Sun)

After calls for action, the DEA has responded strongly.

The DEA has put an immediate halt on the dumping of Enviroserv’s leachate, which was being pumped via the marine outfall from the Southern Wastewater Treatment Works (SWTW).

This emerged at a community meeting in Merebank last night. Community pressure coupled with a criminal investigation into the EnviroServ site at Shongweni are leading factors in the decision to halt dumping. The gathering of about 50 community members last night, reacted excitedly to the news.

A resolution was made at a meeting on Friday, 16 September by the DEA, ordering eThekwini Municipality to stop accepting leachate from the Shongweni site and to inform EnviroServ that no more of the waste will be accepted at the SWTW.

The DEA also confirmed that the criminal investigation launched last week includes several potential suspects. These are companies involved in dumping potentially toxic waste into the ocean through the SWTW site.


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