Coast KZN

26 Jun 2019

KZN’s oceans under threat, says SDCEA

(North Coast Courier)

In an effort to highlight and inform the public on the impacts and dangers of offshore oil and gas drilling along the coast of KZN, the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) is hosting an oil and gas awareness workshop in Ballito on Saturday. SDCEA is concerned about Sasol Africa and Eni Italian Oil Corporation’s intention to explore and drill for oil and gas along the coast of KZN.

The workshop will highlight the progress made so far and inform the public of what action to take.

“KZN is renowned for its famous and beautiful beaches, however, healthy oceans are critically important to marine life and to coastal communities whose economies rely on tourism, fishing and recreational activities,” said SDCEA project officer, Sherelee Odayar.

“Opening up new offshore areas to drilling, risks permanent damage to our oceans and beaches.”

The meeting will be held on Saturday, June 29 from 10.30am at the Ballito Public Library. For more information contact Sherelee Odayar on 031 4611991 or email