Coast KZN

24 Jul 2018

It’s time to join hands and declare ‘war’ on discarded plastic ending up in ocean

Judi Davis (South Coast Herald) Picture: Conservancies are asked to join hands to keep our beautiful ocean free of plastic.

Conservation-minded people are urged to help prevent plastic from entering the ocean.

NOT everything in the sea was as beautiful as the creatures that lived in it, according to South Coast Conservancy Forum scribe Peter Vos.

Conservationists were most concerned about all the carelessly discarded plastic that found its way into the ocean. Once in the sea it broke into small particles that looked like food, he said.

This posed a threat to all sea creatures, from tiny fish to massive whales.

The forum was therefore calling on all local conservancies and environmental organisations to join hands to help prevent discarded plastic from ending up in the ocean.

They could do this by promoting the recycling of plastic and by supporting anti-littering projects.

Some important environmental dates, related to preventing plastic from polluting the sea, were coming up soon. Clean-up and Recycle SA Week was taking place from September 10 to 15. Recycling Day SA, International Coastal Clean-up Day and the Let’s Do It World Clean-up were all being celebrated on Saturday, September 15.

Mr Vos urged all local conservancies to start planning now to hosts beach clean-ups and other events to celebrate these important occasions.

 Pennington Conservancy has already started the ball rolling. It has teamed up with Team Recycling and the Pennington Ski boat Club to host a massive beach clean-up, starting at the Impithi beach kiosk at Pennington’s main beach on Saturday morning, September 15, from 7am to 10am. Bags will be provided but bring your own protective gloves. As an added incentive prizes will be awarded to the top clean-up teams at a prizegiving at 11am.

Mr Vos urged members of South Coast Conservancies and environmental bodies to take part in the Pennington clean-up or to start planning International Coastal Clean-up Day beach clean-ups in their own areas.