Coast KZN

02 Aug 2018

Illovo Beach ‘Sharknado’ results in monster catch for local angler

Natalie Glinister (South Coast Sun)

Thirty seconds into casting my line, I got pulled flat

Social media was abuzz with excitement at James Ballard’s video taken of a ”sharknado” at Illovo Beach yesterday, 1 August, 2018.

While we at Illovo Beach, were still gobsmacked that this really happened right here on our doorstep, some more photos emerged of local angler Justin Coetzee with a catch that had us gasping – a humungous shark!

”So I got a call from my friend on Tuesday, asking me if I had seen the ‘sharknado’ happening right on my doorstep, which I hadn’t. So he sent me a video someone had taken of these monsters in the shore break.

”I left work a little earlier than usual, raced home, packed my gear and raced to the beach. When I arrived, I saw exactly what I saw on the video, monster-sized sharks in the shore break.

Justin grabbed a had full of sardines rolling around in the waves and began setting up.

”Using my Assassin Beach Master Heavy, Penn Slammer III 10500 with 100lb Berkley Whiplash, I threw my bunch of sardines in the shore break and waited.

”Thirty seconds into casting, I got pulled flat. The fish ran about 500m before it stopped, and then the fight began. Two hours later, and thanks to the help of a fellow angler, Bilal, I managed to land this 277mm female grey shark, converting to 321kg.”

When asked if the shark was released back into the sea, Justin replied ”always release”.

#Respect, sir