Coast KZN

16 Feb 2023

Illegal Tinley Manor beach drivers reported

Juan Venter (North Coast Courier) Picture: Tracks left by 4x4 vehicles on the beach heading towards Tinley Manor

People illegally driving on the beach at the Tinley Manor marine reserve area have been reported to coastal authorities. A resident informed the Courier they had spotted the culprits on several occasions racing along the coastline which falls within a marine protected area.

“These people are constantly driving bakkies and four-wheelers on the beach and dunes. They drive so fast they almost drive into people on occasion,” the resident said.

Among the vehicles seen driving on the beach included a silver Isuzu bakkie and a charcoal Toyota Fortuner, both with NT registration plates.

Two of the frequent four-wheelers seen driving on the beach.

According to the resident, the stretch of coastline in question falls within a shore-focused marine protected area.

Recreational driving on any beach in South Africa is illegal,and may only be done under certain circumstances with proper permits. Being caught driving on the beach could lead to arrest and a fine up to as much as R500 000 per car, per offence. One may also face a prison sentence of two years.

Driving on beaches was banned by the Department of Environmental Affairs in 2002 in the hopes of protecting coastal plants and animals.

To apply for a permit to drive on the beach, contact the Department of Environmental Affairs.