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20 Feb 2021

Illegal dumping in Morningside angers residents

Lauren Walford (Berea Mail) Picture: Nicky Burke by the site in Montpelier Road where a rubbish dump is developing. Rubbish was recently removed after residents complained of the mess.

Redidents of Montpelier Road are angered by the increase in illegal dumping in their area.

Speaking to Berea Mail, concerned resident, Nicky Burke, said dumping in the road, especially at the intersection of Montpelier and Ninth Avenue, had become an issue, where once one person dumps, it becomes a ‘free for all’ and others follow suit.

“This intersection is becoming a dumping ground. People feel they can just dump their rubbish anywhere if they miss rubbish day, and the bags just get ripped open and rubbish blows all over. We have to repack the bags to clean up,” she said. Burke said a resident in the road, Janet Morgan, had taken it upon herself to pick up rubbish dumped at the intersection and around her home.

“Janet and her husband are passionate about keeping the area clean and pick up rubbish on a Sunday. They also employ a man to help clean up and put rubbish in black bags. It is commendable, but this dumping shouldn’t be happening in the first place. People are urged to think about cleanliness and what they would want their area to look like. They shouldn’t be coming into our area and making a mess,” she said.

To take action against dumping effectively, there needs to be some kind of evidence in order for a spot fine to be issued to a specific individual and to pursue the matter. This means people must be able to get photos of the dumping taking place, not just of the rubbish, or are able to affirm via an affidavit that they have seen people dumping or have captured the registration number of the vehicle seen dumping.

Burke said recently, she saw a bakkie pull up at the site, get out, and dump a black bag on the pavement. According to Burke, the culprit drove off on confrontation.

“I have submitted an affidavit to the police and Metro have said they will submit this to the court to see if the man can be charged as I have camera footage of the incident,” she said.

Resident, Hilton Kidger, said it was important for people to report dumping. “If you see it, document it and report it and follow up on the progress. People need to be more aware and take responsibility by reporting dumping. If people have no will to make things happen, the area will go down,” he said.

Report illegal dumping to and contact your ward councillor.