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Local NGOs

These non governmental organisations (NGO's) and community based organisations (CBO's) play a major role in the maintenance and conservation of the coastal zone within KwaZulu Natal

Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA)

WESSA is an organisation which supports environmental and conservation projects in South Africa. It has a long history (over 90 years) of environmental activism in the KZN coastal region. In 1972, they led a successful campaign to include the eastern shores of St Lucia in the greater St Lucia Wetland Park and in the 1980s, led the move to stop dune mining in the Eastern shores and Mapelane areas. Their Environmental Governance Programme participates in the development of legislation and compliance by responding to development proposals, threats or incidents affecting the environment. Their advocacy in the areas of water, biodiversity, sustainable resource use and environmental rights has a long history in South Africa.

WESSA coordinates the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) Blue Flag initiative in South Africa; a symbol of quality for the environmental management of beaches, boats and marinas. Young people are trained as beach stewards at a number of key beaches along the KZN coast.

Who to Contact

Office Address Telephone Email


100 Brand Road
031 201 3126 dbnadmin@
Treasure Beach Education Centre 835 Marine Drive
P.O Box 16126
Brighton Beach
031 467 8507 sudira.hariperssadh
Twinstreams Education Centre Mondi Estate
Valley Drive
P.O Box 63
035 340 1641 twinstreams@

Environmental Governance: Morgan Griffiths (Programme Manager)
Telephone: 041 585 9606

WESSA Coastal Newsletter

Coastwatch KZN

Coastwatch is an NGO representing volunteers (affiliated member of WESSA) working for the protection and sustainable management of natural resources of the coastal zone and offshore marine resources. They aim to support and monitor the implementation of the ICM Act in KZN. Their members work in an advisory capacity to national, provincial and local government, making recommendations regarding a range of coastal issues, compliance and monitoring of the coastal zone. They are frequently involved in public participation processes as Affected and Interested Parties (I & APs), providing valuable comment on issues affecting the coastal zone. They are active in monitoring that development is appropriate and located in the right areas and encourage the sustainable use and effective management of the marine environment and resources.

Another major concern and activity are issues around land derived waste. This encompasses visible (mostly plastic and paper) and non-visible (marine pipeline discharges). Coastwatch is the only NGO currently involved in marine discharge monitoring and takes an active role in solid waste pollution issues that affect the marine environment.


Contact: Di Jones | Telephone: 032 525 8160 | Email:


KZN Conservancies Association (KZNCA) /Conservation KZN

Conservation KZN is a voluntary conservation organization that provides a forum for member Conservancies to discuss matters of mutual interest. It liaises with NGOs and conservation structures in the province of KwaZulu Natal and nationally on behalf of its 119 registered conservancies.

About 447 237 ha of private land/communal land in KwaZulu Natal is associated with conservancies.

Conservation KZN

Address: P.O Box 106, Westville, 3630

Telephone: 082 789 7868/ 082 900 9593 | Email:


Coastal Dune Projects- Coastal Dune Restoration:

Coastal dune restoration– removal of invasive species, for example Prickly pear (Opuntia monocantha), along the frontal dunes between the Mahlongwa and Umkomaas rivers and replacing with appropriate indigenous dune vegetation.

Pickersgill’s Reed Frog Conservation

Conservation of the ‘Critically Endangered’ ( IUCN Red List of Threatened Species) Pickersgill Reed Frog, found only in KwaZulu-Natal in about 10 of coastal wetlands . One of the four sites at which the species occurs is a small wetland at Widenham, next to Umkomaas, where Dr. Jeanne Tarrant and the Endangered Wildlife Trust are working with the eThekwini Municipality in a restoration programme.

Pickersgill’s Reed Frog Conservation
Contact: Rob Crankshaw
Telephone: 082 900 5993

Umtentweni Conservancy

The Umtentweni Conservancy was founded in November 2007, with the aim of protecting and promoting the natural heritage of the greater Umtentweni area.

Umzimkhulu River Forest Restoration

The project targets the restoration of forest plant biodiversity and the rehabilitation of wildlife in coastal lowland forest above the estuary. This is home to blue and grey duiker, bushbuck, bush pig, caracal, serval, porcupine, many reptile species including African rock python, over 100 bird and 343 indigenous plant and tree species, including endemics and rare species.

Umtentweni Conservancy: Port Shepstone
Contact: Alex Skene
Telephone: 083 556 3182
Email: or
Facebook: @TweniConservancy

Clansthal Conservancy

Clansthal Conservancy was founded by residents and property owners in the area. The Conservancy aims to protect the Clansthal natural environment from commercialism and unnecessary urban developments.

Mahlongwana River Rehabilitation

The estuary lies within the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area. The project will involve removal of alien invasive plants and restoration of the entire lagoon area.

Clansthal Conservancy

Contact: Keith Cunningham

Telephone: 072 835 2162 | Email:

Additional Information

For additional information on NGO's and CBO\'s, see Management of Coastal and Marine Environments

NGOs and CBOs