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Water Use Authorisation Permit

Under the National Water Act (Act 36 of 1998), the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) authorises management of our water resources. The process involves registration of water use and permits for specific uses.

Water Use Permits

All water users for agriculture (aquaculture, irrigation, watering livestock), industrial, mining, power generation, recreation, urban and water supply service must register their water use for surface and ground water. Other water uses which must be registered include:

  • Diversion of rivers and streams;

  • Storage. Any person or body storing water for any purpose (including irrigation, domestic supply, industrial use, mining, aquaculture, fishing, water sport, aesthetic value, gardening, landscaping, golfing, etc) from surface runoff, groundwater or fountain flow in excess of 10 000 cubic meters;

  • Stream flow reduction activities (afforestation). All afforestation (tree planting) for commercial purposes, including communal forestry for commercial gain, that took place prior to 1972, mut be registered;

  • Local authorities and other bulk suppliers (water boards);

  • Controlled Activities, such as irrigating with waste, power generation, atmospheric modification or recharging an aquifer;

  • Discharges of waste or water containing waste in terms of section 21 of the National Water Act.

Authorisation must be obtained through the Department of Water and Sanitation for:

  • Impeding or diverting the flow of water in a watercourse;

  • Engaging in a Stream Flow Reduction Activity;

  • Altering the bed, banks, course or characteristics of a watercourse.

Water Use Registration forms are available on the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) website, or in your local regional office of the Department of Water and Sanitation (see links below).

Who to contact

Water Use Authorization Administrator

Zama Hadebe

email:; Cell: 082 895 8445 Office: 031 336 2767


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