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The KZN coast has a range of fish and shark species, many of which are seasonally abundant, and provide an opportunity for subsistence, recreational, charter and commercial fishing. Many species have become over-exploited over time and strict controls through permits have been placed on these vulnerable and threatened species.

Recreational fishing and collections

The Fisheries division of the Department of Forestry,  Fisheries  and the Environment (DFFE) is the relevant authority for recreational fishing activities along the coast. Recreational Fishing includes the catching of fish and the collection of other marine species for personal consumption. This is inclusive of the collection of marine invertebrate species, such as mussels, prawns and crayfish for personal consumption. The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (see link below) is responsible for permitting, monitoring and enforcement.

A permit is required to harvest any living marine or estuarine organism irrespective of whether it is for recreational, commercial or subsistence purposes.

Who to contact - Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE)


Contact Number/ Email
Delricia Augustus
(Deputy Director EC and KZN)
 072 988 1876 
Lungile Nodwala
(Assistant Director NEC, assisting KZN)
 082 829 3907
Thanduxolo Ntshangase
(Acting Assistant Director KZN- landing, operational etc)
 079 444 9951
Siphokazi Ndundane
(National Fisheries Management)
021 402 3019
General Contact Number021-402 3911 

Permit Applications, Costs and Fishing Regulations

A range of recreational fishing and collecting permits are available from the DFFE website (see link below). Make sure that you know what permits are required, for example: permits for KZN invertebrates, oysters, squid. The catching or collecting of fish, mussels, oysters, crabs, mud and sand prawns, redbait and mole-crabs is controlled by regulations which include the methods used, the size and number of specimens that may be kept for each species. You need to be able to identify the species of fish or invertebrates caught if you intend keeping it and know the size, bag, seasonal limits and correct measuring methods for the species.

A list of prohibited species, activities, fees, and conditions is available on the website and in a recreational fishing brochure which you can download below. A list of fishing and collection permit conditions is available on the DFFE website (see link below).

Permits are valid for a period of one month or one year from the date of issue . Any marine or estuarine organisms collected on these permits may not be sold.

Closed seasons apply to the fishing of elf/shad, red steenbras, galjoen and squid/chokka (refer to SASSI's Red List for information on protected species). The maximum number of fish you are permitted to catch/ keep over a 24-hour period is called a BAG LIMIT. This helps to prevent over-exploitation and allows more people to share the resources.

Make sure that you know what permits are required, have the relevant permits and keep to the bag limit to avoid over-fishing.

Hotline/ Tip-off number for permit or license holders that are in contravention of the MLRA: 028 3132703

Report illegal fishing or poaching to Thanduxolo Ntshangase (DFFE KZN): 079 444 9951


Report illegal fishing/ poaching:
Thanduxolo Ntshangase:
Contact Number: 079 444 9951

National Fisheries Management:
S. Ndundane (DDG Fisheries Management))
Telephone: 021 402 3019
Call the Customer Service Centre: 086 000 3474

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