Coast KZN

21 Jan 2022

Hippos clash at boat club in Richards Bay

Reece Reid ( Zululand Observer) Picture: The two hippos locked in combat

This (Friday) morning saw two hippos engaged in a brawl in the water at the Meerensee Boat Club.

The two animals emerged from the water near the club’s slipway, both viciously grunting at each other before colliding with their mouths wide open. They then made their way to the beach section of the club, their ‘disagreement’ quietening down significantly.

The incident is a well-needed reminder to Richards Bay residents that while the hippos seen around town are mostly docile, they are one of the deadliest animals in Africa. Hippos are territorial and can become extremely aggressive if a person or animal enters their space. These large mammals kill on average 500 people per year on the continent.