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12 Oct 2017

Herald Fishing: Weather set to improve

(South Coast Herald) Picture: Chris Potgieter, from Black Rock in the Northern Cape, caught this 16kg kob on Trafalgar beach recently.

Fishing has been quite good despite some of the violent weather the coast has experienced.

Six members of the South Coast Fly Anglers recently travelled to de Hoop camp in the Richtersveld National Park to fish the Orange River.

Their target species were small and large mouth yellow fish, as well as carp and barbel.

Neil Scott, John New, Stephen Brand, Rob Nicholas, Stan Park and Sakkie McKay used a variety of nymph patterns to account for over 80 fish, the bulk of which were small mouth yellows and mud fish. All the fish were released.

Despite large numbers of barbel being sighted, none of these showed any interest in the flies presented to them and only one large mouth yellow fish was landed.

All the fish were extremely strong and there were reports of many ‘long line releases’ in the crystal clear water.

Heading into the summer months, bass will be on the run. Heading into the summer months, bass will be on the run.


Ocean fishing

After an extremely windy August and September, anglers expect to see far better weather with less windy weekends.

The fishing has been very good the past week with a few reports of brusher coming out on ghost crabs and bronze bream on prawn baits and mud prawns.

Garrick are on the run again at the Sandspit and The Block in Port Shepstone.

Reports are in of anglers landing some decent-size bronze bream between St Michael’s and Margate.

Down south from Ramsgate to Port Edward anglers are also targeting bream and kob.

With the heavy floods that we had recently all the river mouths have been opened up very wide and lots of kob and bronzies will be around as they frenzy in the discoloured water.


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