Coast KZN

26 Oct 2020

Great support for anti-snare patrol

Shona Aylward (South Coast Herald) Picture: Chairman of the Lower South Coast SPCA Scott Kvalsvig (middle) with members of Maser Security who assisted with the snare hunt.

Volunteers recently gave their time – and some even their ‘soles’ – to wildlife anti-snare patrols.

On the Saturday, a snare hunt along the Uvongo river trail was spearheaded by the Lower South Coast SPCA, supported by Maser Security and members of the community. Sadly the carcass of a female blue duiker, which had been killed by dogs, was found. Then on the Sunday morning, the Ramsgate Lions did a great job of clearing the conservancy trail adjacent to the clubhouse.

Lion Rob Henry said members and volunteers helped to clean up the trail.

“It is a trail leading through the bush around the club’s property and eventually up to the freeway. It is surprising to find what people throw away to contaminate the earth. Among the rubbish, wire traps were also found and destroyed. Thanks to the LSC SPCA and all the volunteers who helped,” he said.

On a lighter note, Clive Edmundson and Wendy Walker both lost the soles of their shoes during the search for snares.

Then, a pro-active group of conservationists, brothers Ryan and Craig Saunders, together with Peter Coetzee and Brandon McGarry spent time walking through two farms off Old St Faiths Road and found about 20 snares. The LSC SPCA is planning another snare patrol in the near future, so watch this space.