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Spatial Data Infrastructure Act

Spatial Data Infrastructure Act, Act No. 54, 2003, the South African Spatial Data Infrastructure (SASDI) is hereby established as the national technical, institutional and policy framework to facilitate the capture, management, maintenance, integration, distribution and use of spatial information.

Spatial Data Infrastructure Act

Act No. 54 of 2003

“ To establish the South African Spatial Data Infrastructure, the Committee for Spatial Information and an electronic metadata catalogue; to provide for the determination of standards and prescriptions with regard to the facilitation of the sharing of spatial information; to provide for the capture and publishing of metadata and the avoidance of duplication of such capture; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

The purpose of this Act is:

  • To-facilitate the capture of spatial information through cooperation among organs of state;

  • Promote effective management and maintenance of spatial information;

  • Promote the use and sharing of spatial information in support of spatial planning, socio-economic development and related activities;

  • Create an environment which facilitates co-ordination and co-operation among all stakeholders regarding access to spatial information;

  • Eliminate duplication in the capturing of spatial information;

  • Promote universal access to such information;

  • Facilitate the protection of the copyright of the state in works relating to spatial information.

“The Act applies to organs of state, which hold spatial information, and to users of spatial information.


1. Definitions
2. Application of Act
3. Establishment and objectives of South African Spatial Data Infrastructure
4. Powers of Minister
5. Establishment of Committee for Spatial Information
6. Powers and functions of Committee
7. Terms of office of members
8. Disqualification as member of Committee
9. Meetings of Committee
10. Establishment of subcommittees
11.Spatial information standards and prescriptions
12. Capture and publishing of metadata
13. Manner and refusal of access to spatial information
14. Supply of and accountability for spatial information
15. Agreements on utilization of spatial information
16. Collaborative maintenance
17. Reporting on data quality
18. Security of spatial information
19. Delegation of powers
20. Regulations
21. Liability
22. Short title and commencement

Sections 11 to 18 of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Act, 2003 (Act No. 54 of 2003),("the SDI Act"), requires base data set custodians to provide accurate, relevant and up-to-date spatial information products and services to the State for improved planning and informed decision making. A Policy will guide base data set custodians and pricing of Spatial Information Products and services in meeting the requirements of the provisions of the SDI Act.

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