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The National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Report (NECER) is an annual report released by the Department of Environmental Affairs giving an overview of environmental compliance and enforcement activities undertaken by relevant institutions across the country.

National Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Reports (NECER)

"The NECER provides an overview of the measures taken by the Green Scorpions in giving effect to section 24 of the Constitution. The NECER is aimed at a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including a range of private, public and community-based institutions. In this respect, the report seeks to fulfil some of the information requirements of regulators, the regulated, the general public and other interested organisations. The report is designed to meet this objective, by providing:

  • the general public with an overview of the measures being taken by the environmental compliance and enforcement sector to give effect to section 24 of the Constitution;

  • the community-based/non-governmental organisations with information related to specific compliance and enforcement activities being taken in respect of a certain sectors or facilities;

  • the national, provincial and local environmental authorities with an overall perspective of their compliance and enforcement performance, both in relation to previous financial years, as well as in relation to their counterparts; and

  • a deterrent effect to would-be offenders who need to understand the serious consequences for those who choose to flout environmental laws."