Coast KZN


Waste Management Guidelines

The aim of these guidelines is to achieve good coastal water quality and a healthy, sustainable aquatic environment, while permitting justifiable social and economic development.

National Guideline for the Discharge of Effluent from Land-based Sources

"The goal of this guideline is to achieve coastal water quality that is fit for use and a healthy aquatic system that is maintained on a sustainable basis while allowing for justifiable social and economic development. This will be achieved in accordance with the hierarchy of decision-making of water quality management, namely: prevention of waste; minimisation of waste and responsible disposal..."

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Municipal Waste Management - Good Practices

"The intention of this document is to highlight good practice initiatives which have resulted in real improvements to the way that waste is managed in communities. In so doing, it is hoped that other municipalities may learn from these approaches and identify simple and innovative solutions to help solve some of the waste management problems in the short-term, as a first step towards implementing best practice waste management approaches..."

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