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Fish Kill Guidelines

These guidelines aim to provide a process or procedures following a mass kill incident in estuaries or the sea.

Manual for Fish Kill Investigations in South Africa

Water Research Commission- July 2014

"Large-scale fish kills have become a common phenomenon that is increasing internationally. An understanding of the causes of fish kills and why they occur is fundamental in order to implement preventative measures to reduce their frequency and magnitude. However, despite the advancements in fisheries and aquatic sciences, the science of fish kill investigations at an international level is still considered rudimentary, having advanced little since the 1960's despite significant economic damage to fisheries and disruption of aquatic ecosystem dynamics...."

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Field Guide to Fish Kill Assessments

Institute for Water Quality Studies, DWAF- November 2001

"This document is intended to provide background to the phenomenon of fish kills and to provide a methodology to be followed when encountering or investigating such a kill. The report consists of background and theory relating to fish kills and fish kill investigations, a questionnaire that will assist in the gathering of pertinent information when investigating a fish kill, and also presents a case study conducted by members of the Institute for Water Quality Studies..."

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