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Best Practices for Coastal Development in KZN

The need for sound planning and effective management of the coast has long been recognised, with policymakers worldwide defining policies and legislation to address the challenges in the coastal zone. Appropriate coastal land usage, access to the coast, coastal livelihoods, degraded coastal and estuarine resources, impacts of climate change and storm damage are all issues requiring action.

Developing in the coastal zone has its own unique set of challenges - thus environmental managers, EIA practitioners and developers need to have a sound understanding of the unique nature of the coast and best practices for development in this zone. To bridge this gap and provide readily available information on best practices, the KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) has partnered with the Oceanographic Research Institute (ORI) and SDP Ecological and Environmental Services to produce a user-friendly handbook that assists the coastal planning process in an effort to ensure more environmentally sustainable approaches to development. 

The handbook provides an overview of the KZN coast and the factors that affect its functioning - highlighting the physical, biological and sometimes social issues to take into consideration. Coastal processes that affect specific types of development are identified and alternative approaches are suggested to mitigating the impacts of these activities.

This handbook focuses on 19 key development types and activities that are most frequently encountered. It provides direction, relevant supporting information and avoidance and mitigation measures that should be considered. Importantly, this resource is a guide and should be read in conjunction with relevant legislation, including the NEM: Integrated Coastal Management Amendment Act, national and provincial policy documents, and municipal by-laws. 

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Best Practices for Coastal Development in KZN

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