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National CMP

The National Coastal Management Programme is the policy directive for coastal management in South Africa. The CMP is a tool used by government to manage, maintain and conserve coastal resources.

The National Coastal Management Programme for South Africa

"A CMP is a policy directive for the management of the coastal zone, inclusive of strategies and plans for the effective implementation of the ICM Act that will enable organs of state to plan accordingly, to set a course for the environmental future of a nation by addressing the resolution of current management problems and user-conflicts (due to the wide variety of activities and uses of the coast), as well as the long-term development and management of the coastline.

CMPs also play the vital role of bringing together the various spheres and sectors of government, private sector activities and community activities on the coast for the effective implementation of ICM over a projected period of time. This is achieved by ensuring that the development and use of natural resources in the coastal zone is done with the best interests of the public and economy, while being ecologically sustainable.

The framework for coastal management for South Africa identified key components or elements of an integrated coastal management programme presenting the structure – the integrated, coordinated and uniform approach to coastal management."

National CMP for 2015 to 2019 

National CMP for 2013 to 2017

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