Coast KZN

Coastal Management Programmes

District Municipal CMP

These Coastal Management Programmes (CMP) provide the framework for the management of coastal zones within the Municipalities along the KwaZulu Natal coast.

King Cetshwayo District Municipality

uThungulu Coastal Management Programme

"The uThungulu coast is a vital and complex asset of the uThungulu district. Along its length of only 100km it contains significant service infrastructure, Africa’s largest port (volume of cargo handled), major mining operations, large industrial operations, extensive sugar cane and timber plantations, prawn fisheries and prawn aquaculture operations, tourism businesses, wilderness/conservation areas, subsistence agriculture and natural resource harvesting, impoverished urban settlements, traditional rural settlements, and affluent urban and suburban settlements.

In order to accommodate this diverse mix of human activity, harness the coastal assets and services in an efficient and equitable manner, and ensure the sustainable development of the coast and its people, integrated planning and management is required. As a result the uThungulu District commissioned this project to develop a Coastal Management Programme for the uThungulu Coast..."


iLembe District Municipality

Mandeni Coastal Management Programme

"The development of the Mandeni Coastal Management Programme (CMP) is in line with the requirements of the National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act (Act No. 24 of 2008, hereafter the ICM Act), as well as the underlying principles of integrated coastal management (ICM) and the White Paper for Sustainable Coastal Development in South Africa, deemed as South Africa’s first national CMP. Coastal Management Programmes (CMPs) are required to be developed by all three spheres of government with provincial CMPs needing to be consistent with the national CMP and municipal CMPs established to be consistent with both national and provincial coastal management programmes.

The Mandeni CMP builds upon past studies undertaken, specifically the Siyaya Coast Management Plan and the iLembe Environmental Management Framework (EMF), and structures these within the framework of the requirements of the documentation identified in the inventory analysis as well as the principles of integrated coastal management..."


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