Coast KZN

12 Apr 2023

Food, Fun and Adventure: Tick off world’s smallest desert off your bucket list

(South Coast Herald) Picture: The Red Desert Nature Reserve. Image Credit: SCTIE

Just 10 km outside of Port Edward is the KZN South Coast’s unusual claim to fame – the world’s smallest desert! At just 200 m in diameter, and 11 ha in total, the Red Desert is a combination of small hills and valleys in naked red soil. Archaeological artefacts, dating back millions of years, have been found in the desert.

Combine birdwatching while ticking ‘world’s smallest desert’ off your bucket list at Red Desert Nature Reserve. The desert appears to be a miniature version of America’s Arizona Desert, but it’s in the surrounding coastal forest that you’ll find some great birds.

There are a range of habitats, including a protected grassland area, with more than 480 plant species and 200 bird species recorded here.