Coast KZN

23 Jan 2024

First dolphin born at uShaka Marine World celebrates 40 years

(Northglen News) Picture: uShaka Marine World Sea World's oldest dolphin, Kelpie, turns 40

uShaka Marine World’s Sea World staff were all smiles as they celebrated one of their oldest dolphin’s 40th birthday on Monday (January 22).

Kelpie was the first dolphin to be born into the uShaka Sea World Family, at the old Sea World 40 years ago.

The close to 400 kg dolphin is said to be a gentle giant who has spent all his life meeting and entertaining visitors of uShaka Sea World.

“We feel absolutely honoured and blessed to have this incredibly generous soul. He is like the best friend you ever had,” said Gabby Harris – Curator Animal Welfare and Behaviour Management.

According to uShaka Sea World, Kelpie has been their go-to dolphin in terms of meeting special guests, and as such, he has met many ‘Reach for a Dream’ children. Kelpie is said to have passed on his gentle giant and kindred spirit to his son, Khanya, who is just as enthusiastic and generous as his father.

Happy 40th Birthday, Kelpie!