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26 Aug 2017

eMdloti’s North Beach Road partly washed away

Sylvia Dicks (Northglen News) Picture: The damage done to the walkway and road at eMdloti.


Severe damage caused at eMdloti beach.

The eMdloti Beach walkway was severely damaged last night after heavy waves hit once again. The sand beneath North Beach Road towards the cul-da-sac is fast eroding. Residents that live no further that 10 meters away from the ocean are increasingly concerned that the road, if not attended to immediately, will collapse.

Nancy Ellis who is a resident in a flat on North Beach Road said :”I took that picture at 8am on my way to gym. So, I’m sure it’s going to keep getting worse. It will definitely collapse if they don’t work on it. The problem is that they are currently only working on the tidal pool area. They aren’t thinking about the other areas that are being affected. They’re acting on the situation too late. They need to prevent other parts from collapsing and can’t wait until it falls apart completely before doing something about it. That’s why the tidal pool area is so bad. They waited too long.”

Karen and Leon du Plessis said :”eMdloti was once their favourite beach but it is now sadly being washed away.”

High tide on Saturday morning (Photo: Nancy Ellis).

Sand eroding underneath the road