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12 Oct 2017

Durban weather warning, but do not panic

Nkululeko Nene (The Sunday Tribune) Picture: The Spirit of Dawn, the NSRI craft stationed at Shelly Beach

The eThekwini Municipality has issued a warning for strong winds and imminent cold fronts, but residents should not panic.

Cold fronts and strong winds are expected to hit Durban along the ocean on Thursday night.

On Tuesday, gale force winds and heavy rains saw hundreds of cars flooded on major roads and highways in Durban as a fierce storm hit the city. Houses, businesses, schools and schools were destroyed by the inclement weather. The most affected area appeared to be the south of Durban. At least 11 people died as a result of the storm on Tuesday in the province.

SA Weather forecaster Wiseman Dlamini said there was no need for panic as the cold front was expected to affect only those out at sea.

“There is no big storm expected but only possibilities of light showers starting from this afternoon around 6pm to Friday morning. The wind is expected to blow between 20-30 speed per hour. We don’t have any warnings out this afternoon, we are only having 30% chance of showers from this afternoon,” he said.

Dlamini said the winds would affect people that were upto 50 kilometres out at sea and the general public should not panic.

eThekwini Municipality spokesperson Tozi Mthethwa had issued a warning to residents for two imminent cold fronts that were approaching Durban on Thursday.

She said: “The cold fronts are expected to pass out to sea on the south of the province. Associated with these are strong winds which will travel at approximately 58 km/h,” said Mthethwa.

She said heavy rainfall is also expected this afternoon.

The National Sea Rescue Institute spokesperson could not be reached on their phone.

For emergencies only: Call the Emergency Management Call Centre on 031 361 0000.


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