Coast KZN

20 Oct 2020

Dumpsite angers Marburg residents

Jenni Bipat (South Coast Herald) Picture: Yougashni Naicker is fed up with an illegal dumpsite in Daffodil Road, Marburg.

An illegal dumpsite in Daffodil Road, Marburg has raised the ire of long-time residents who have described it as a disgusting eyesore. Located in a cul de sac behind the Port Shepstone Recovery Centre, the site is used as a dumping ground for household rubbish, garden refuse and other unwanted items. Residents have noticed animal carcasses and entrails being dumped there too, and the neighbourhood dogs also create a mess by scattering the rubbish in the street.

Yougashni Naicker’s family owns a property opposite the dump. “I am in the process of selling my house, but who will want to buy it. As potential buyers drive in, the first thing they see is the rubbish,” she said.

Complaints to Ray Nkonyeni Municipality have seen the area cleaned up in the past.

“But there has been no long-term solution to the problem which has persisted for several years,” said Mrs Naicker.  A ‘no dumping’ signboard which was erected at the site has since disappeared.

Another resident suggested the area be turned into a park.

“It can be a nice area for children to play in with a swing set up. If it is clean, people will not dump,” said the resident.

An open manhole on a pathway close to the dumpsite is also a safety hazard.

“The cover has been missing for years. The manhole is on a busy pedestrian pathway,” said Mrs Naicker.

The Herald contacted Ray Nkonyeni Municipality about the issue but no comment was received at the time of going to print.