Coast KZN

11 Nov 2020

Drone photographer captures nature’s beauty

Bianca Lalbahadur (South Coast Sun) Picture: Nicolaas Johannes De Bruyn recently took up drone photography as a hobby.

After purchasing his first drone last year, it didn’t take much for him to discover his talents. Nicolaas Johannes De Bruyn was instantly captivated by nature photography and recently began capturing incredible shots of marine life and landscape with the use of a drone.

The drone is a sky-high flying, unmanned camera and is undoubtedly the wildest photography development.

Nicolaas, who moved to Winklespruit after relocating from Gauteng, spent many years longing to pursue the art of photography. He has the privilege of working from home and uses his picture perfect view of the sea to his advantage. This allows him to spot whales and other marine life without leaving the comfort of his home. Once he finds an interesting creature, he sends his drone out to snap shots of them. He has managed to compile several videos which capture the beauty of nature as well as the spectacular views that Amanzimtoti has to offer. He also often posts his videos on popular Facebook group, ‘we love Amanzimtoti’ where he has gained many views and is quiet the rave.

“This was something I hoped to get involved with for many years. I enjoy capturing any nature that peaks my interest. Whale watching is something that I am very passionate about and I feel as though they are one of the wonders that the world has to offer. I encourage anyone interested in photography to take it up as a hobby. It is a wonderful feeling when you can see the true beauty of the world through your lens. I truly hope my photography makes at least one person smile. My advice for newbies like myself would be to be cautious when flying your drone too low above the sea. I recently lost a three-day old drone to the sea because of this. The unfortunate part is that I know exactly where it is located but I cannot retrieve it,” said the passionate individual.

Nicolaas is married to Celeste and they have a 12-year-old daughter, Amber, together. Apart from photography his other major hobby is gymming and considers himself a bit of a fitness freak.