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05 Oct 2016

Dogs savage man on public beach

Judi Davis (South Coast Herald)

Leisure Bay Ratepayers Association is concerned about roaming dogs and urged pet owners to keep their dogs under control at all times.

The Leisure Bay Ratepayers Association has urged owners to keep their pets under control.

The Leisure Bay Ratepayers Association has described a vicious dog attack on Drake’s beach last week as as ‘totally unacceptable and deplorable’.

According to a spokesman for the association, a Leisure Bay resident who was walking alone on Drake’s beach was severely injured when he was savaged by two big dogs.

The animals were not on leashes and, although their owner was present, he could not control them. One of the dogs leaped for the victim’s throat, but fortunately he was able to stop the dog mid-air, although his arm was bitten in the process. He also sustained dog bites on his foot, lower and upper leg and buttocks.

The injured man received medical treatment at Port Shepstone Regional Hospital and has since met with the dog owners.

All parties have reached an amicable closure to this nasty incident.

However, the association is most concerned about this attack as it was the latest in a string of dog-related incidents. Recently there were two terrible cases of bushbuck being mauled to death by dogs in Leisure Bay.

“Roaming dogs continue to be a problem that needs to be brought under control. This has to stop,” he said.

He urged residents and holidaymakers to ensure their dogs were kept in fenced or walled properties at all times. When dogs were being walked on roads and in any public places, including beaches, they needed to be under the control of their owners and they had to be on leads.

Failure to do so was in contravention of the bylaws and could result in a heavy penalty being imposed on the dogs’ owners.
The dogs could even be put down.

Residents should report any roaming dogs to the Ray Nkonyeni Protection Services at 039 6825555 or the SAPS, Port Edward, at 039 3115430.


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