Coast KZN

16 Jul 2018

Did You spot the Angra Pequena off the Dolphin Coast?

Amy Jenkins (North Coast Courier) Picture: The Ocean Stewards?' team on board the Angra Pequena. Photo: Supplied

Research vessel Angra Pequena was visible off Tiffany’s Reef on Monday morning.

In an effort to learn more about coastal and marine conservation, the last of the Ocean Stewards?’ ACEP (African Coelacanth Ecosystem Programme) Spatial Solutions research cruises took place recently on-board research vessel Angra Pequena.

The data gathered will be used to support the expansion of marine protected areas along the KZN coastline.

The research will provide some of the first images and insights into fish communities in areas proposed for protection.

According to the Wild Oceans SA Facebook page, the data was collected with remote underwater video and plankton tows whereas in previous years a remotely operated vehicle was used to get some of the first images of the seabed between 40-150 m depth.


Hunting for marine secrets

Earlier this year Salt Rock and Sheffield locals were treated to a rare sight when a Norwegian research vessel, the “Dr Fridtjof Nansen” came close to shore while performing its studies.

Despite a few early worries that the vessel might be connected to gas exploration through seismic studies, residents became quite excited once it was learnt that this was not the case.

The Nansen is a brand-new vessel, the third of its name, designed to carry out fisheries, marine biology and oceanographic research at sea, mainly in the inland waters of third world countries.

The purpose of the research is to help develop an understanding of what natural marine resources and biodiversity we have in our national waters.