Coast KZN

21 Sep 2020

Clean-up helps protect and preserve the ocean

Nothando Mthembu (Southlands Sun) Picture: Subeshni and Thalia Pillay together with John Peter do their bit to clean-up Cuttings Beach.

THE South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) together with the KZN Subsistence Fishing Forum rallied the community to commemorate International Coastal Clean-up Day on Saturday, 19 September.

KZN Subsistence Fishing Forum members Justin Lynx, Rishi Ganas and Tyrique Narayanasamy.

The initiative saw fisherfolk and the youth roll up their sleeves to fill up rubbish bags with any litter in sight during a beach clean-up held at Cutting Beach in Merebank.

Naledi Nene fills up his yellow bag.

“Our oceans have reached a critical juncture in the fight against climate change. The ocean is one of the most important carbon sinks in the world, considering that global emissions are rising. The usage of the ocean varies as it is also an economic stream for many subsistence and commercial fishers as well as for the recreation and tourism industry as well.

In many parts of the world, including South Africa, the ocean is a spiritual talisman for cleansing and blessing. Our marine life is beautiful, diverse and endangered, which is why protection of our ocean is so important. The oil and plastic industry is destroying the ocean and nothing will be left behind for future generations if we don’t act now,” said SDCEA coordinator Desmond D’sa, who further encouraged the youth to be proactive in the fight to protect our oceans and the environment.

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