Coast KZN

17 Jan 2018

Clean-up crew preps Winklespruit Beach ahead of lifesaving champs

Holly Konig (South Coast Sun)

Chelsea Fell shows off one of her bags of collected litter from Winklespruit Beach

The clean-up took place as part of the preparation for the upcoming KZN Championships held at Winkle Main Beach this weekend.

Clean Surf Project (CSP) kicked off 2018 with a clean-up of Winklespruit Beach last Saturday, 13 January.

“The main focus of last week’s clean-up was to get the beach ready for the upcoming KZN Lifesaving Champs which take place at Winklespruit Beach this weekend,” said CSP’s Denzil van der Westhuizen.

The lifesaving champs include activities such as flags, beach sprints and relays. For this reason it is vital the sand is as clean as possible. A lot of fine rubbish had accumulated over the festive season and CSP’s helping hands ensured this was removed. 
The team raked and sieved the sand, and put great effort into cleaning up the small river which runs into the sea along the Winkle strip.

“It was shocking to see the amount of plastic bottles, glass alcohol bottles and polystyrene cups which were collected,” agreed organisers.

After a hot summer’s morning, the Winklespruit River appeared to be the cleanest it had been in a long time.