Coast KZN

18 Sep 2018

Clean sweep for South Coast beaches

Vee Ramsayi (South Coast Herald) Picture: Litter busters (from left) Lawrence Pienaar, Tatum Lewis and Lynette Pienaar of Margate make sure the beach is litter-free. 3048vee

Many people joined hands and cleaned up the beach.

The beach clean-up on International Coastal Clean-up Day, organised by the National Sea Rescue Institute Shelly Beach and the Beekman Group, was both fun and educational.

The clean-up took place between the Izotsha River and St Michael’s beach last Saturday.

Stephanie Streuderst of Margate fills her black bag with rubbish from the beach.

KZN Wildlife honorary officer, Fiona Kohrmann addressed the enthusiastic bunch of cleaners, pointing out that litter was affecting the health of the ocean, and ultimately the health of the entire planet we call home.

“The ocean covers two-thirds of our planet and nurtures 97 percent of all life on earth. By polluting it with rubbish we are doing it great harm. Thousands of seals, whales, dolphins, sharks and birds die from entanglement in fishing line and other debris,” explained Ms Kohrmann.

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