Coast KZN

20 Sep 2023

City heeds the call for refurbishment at Ansteys Beach

Yoshini Perumal (Southlands Sun) Picture: Ward 66 councillor Zoë Solomon at the area undergoing the refurbishment.

Ansteys Beach is undergoing a refurbishment project at the rehabilitated dunes, which are being reinforced by new sandbags. The City aims to replace about 30 sandbags which are damaged. Service pipes, which are exposed along the coastline, will be tucked away behind the newly installed sandbags, and the beach is expected to be in pristine condition just in time for beachgoers to enjoy during the warmer months.

Ward 66 councillor Zoë Solomon, said she was glad the beach was being prioritised.

“The area will be much tidier, and whatever was broken by the elements will be repaired. The rickety fence along the beach will be redone, and the staircase leading to the beach, which has been damaged and has debris and sand underneath from the forces of Mother Nature, will be cleared.

“It’s spring already, and we are glad to announce that we will have two paddling pools for beachgoers to utilise, and I am excited that the beach will be functional and filled with lots of families to enjoy this summer,” Solomon added.