Coast KZN

02 May 2024

City allocates R1m for refurbishment of Brighton Beach promenade

Andile Sithole (Southlands Sun) Picture: Andile Sithole. Ward 66 councillor Zoë Solomon at the Brighton Beach Lifesaving club.

In a bid to enhance the coastal experience for residents and tourists alike, the eThekwini Municipality has earmarked a substantial R1 million for the refurbishment of the iconic Brighton Beach promenade. This allocation includes addressing the long-standing issue of the deteriorating lifesavers club, which has been in dire need of attention. The planned refurbishment of the promenade is expected to not only breathe new life into the area but also to attract thousands of beachgoers who will benefit from the improved facilities. With its picturesque shoreline and stunning views, Brighton Beach is a beloved destination for leisure and recreation, and the municipality’s investment underscores its commitment to maintaining and enhancing public spaces for the community.

The chairperson of local fishermen’s association Just Angling Durban, Aveshin Moodley, welcomed the refurbishment of the promenade, saying it will give fishermen better access to the fish.
“The walkway was damaged and washed away sometime last year. This had a huge impact on the fishermen who utilise that space along the promenade. The fishermen had to move away and sought alternative spots for fishing,” said Moodley.

The walkway, which is situated along Foreshore Drive near Cave Rock, was used by anglers for both social and subsistence purposes.

“We are delighted to see the walkway being repaired to give our people and fishermen an opportunity to utilise that space again,” Moodley added.

Residents have welcomed the news, expressing excitement about the prospect of enjoying a revitalised beachfront experience. Additionally, businesses in the vicinity are optimistic about the potential increase in foot traffic, which could bolster the local economy. Ward 66 councillor Zoë Solomon expressed her excitement about the recent repairs being done on the previously neglected areas on the beach.

Ward 66 councillor Zoë Solomon.

Solomon confirmed that the budget was approved at the recent council meeting. The repair work of the walkway is currently underway and is expected to be complete before the end of the year, with plans to address various aspects of the promenade’s infrastructure, landscaping and amenities. The officials have assured stakeholders that the project will be carried out with minimal disruption to beach activities, ensuring that visitors can continue to enjoy Brighton Beach throughout the renovation process.

The budget for the 2024/2025 year is R67.3 billion, which has been developed with an overall planning framework and includes programmes and projects to achieve the City’s strategic objectives. The budget has been prepared, among other things, to repair major damage to infrastructure caused by the floods and recent inclement weather in KZN. The budget time schedule for the compilation of the 2024/25 budget cycle was approved in August 2023. The approval of the final budget will be on May 31, followed by the approval of SDBIP by the mayor on June 28 and the submission of the approved budget to the National Treasury.