Coast KZN

29 Jul 2021

Celebrate MPA day with virtual undersea tour

(Berea Mail) Picture: Submitted. Freedom Masinga in the Snorkel Lagoon at uShaka Sea World.

With MPA Day coming up on August 1, the community can log on from the comfort of their homes to watch as divers take them on a virtual tour into the intricate marine world under the ocean’s surface. Starting at 14:00, this event will take the form of a live crossing to four South African MPAs. The community can join the webinar to learn more about each of the featured MPAs, their history, ecosystems, historical and traditional significance and the people who love, make use of, and protect these area.

MPA Day is annual awareness day initiated  by a consortium of South African organisations. The day, which is celebrated for the first time this year, is dedicated to the conservation of critical ocean areas which allow marine life to thrive, reproduce and grow.

The South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR), which is among the organisations celebrating MPA Day, took to their Facebook page to tell the community about the upcoming tour.

“No matter where you live you can now visit a Marine Protected Area. That is right – we will bring the MPAs to you during a one hour webinar. This online event will be ideal for families to join and experience areas of South Africa where they might not have been before, or to revisit areas that they love and have explored previously,” read the post.

To register, fill out the MPA Day webinar registration form.