Coast KZN

12 Sep 2017

Boat enthusiasts float their boats

(Northglen News) Picture: Remote controlled sail boats on the Blue Lagoon pond.

Durban Radio Boat Club is a popular attraction every Sunday on the banks of the Blue Lagoon.

IF you go down to Durban’s Blue Lagoon on a Sunday you will be greeted by members of the Durban Radio Boat Club (DRBC), their families and friends.  You will find them remotely controlling their scale boat models and power boats.

The boat enthusiasts set up their tents and chairs along the river banks of the pond at Blue Lagoon and work it on the banks of the pond and work their various scales of boats. It all gets underway from as early as 8.30am.  The professional Loafer ‘Waddy’ sailors sail every Wednesday morning from 9am.

The Power sailors are in action on most Saturday mornings at 8am while the Laser sailing gets underway at 10am on a Sunday.

In addition, while floating their boats the enthusiasts can enjoy the abundant birdlife that frequent the lagoon.

Passenger and war ships built to scale.

British warships built by Meryn Polllitt.


Power boat launch.

Father and son Edurd and Bentley van Greunen admiring Mark Edmund’s gas stock power boat.