Coast KZN

19 May 2021

Birding is popular along the South Coast

(South Coast Herald: Southern Explorer) Picture: Justin Klusener. Learn more about the Cape vulture at the Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide.

The KwaZulu-Natal South Coast sees birding groups flock to its shores throughout the year, with twitchers eager to spot one of the many indigenous avian residents found in these parts. There are 380 species of unique, diverse and rare birdlife, that range from raptors to seabirds and coastal varieties.

The popular South Coast Birding Route (a sub-section of the Southern KwaZulu-Natal Birding Route) comprises a variety of habitats – coastal and wetland environments, forests, woodland and grassland – all of which are home to unique birdlife. Along the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, the forest birding, in particular, is incredibly rewarding, with Afromontane forests and the tropical forests home to the highly-prized magpie mannikin, African broadbill and Knysna woodpecker.

Along the 120 km stretch of coastline, and extending into the hinterland, there are almost 500 bird species, 64 of which are near-endemic or endemic, with 67 classified as red data species.

Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide

The region is also home to the Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide where visitors can witness and learn more about the resident breeding colony of 200 Cape vultures within Oribi Gorge.
This incredibly unique two-hour vulture viewing experience and tour takes visitors to captivating vantage points along the Oribi Gorge cliffs where they can witness these beautiful birds roosting and nesting along the cliff face, or soaring past in close proximity.