Coast KZN

24 Mar 2021

Bird caught in glue trap on road to recovery at CROW

(Berea Mail) Picture: CROW - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife/Facebook

The Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) was excited to note that the Fiery-necked Nightjar, which was caught in bird repellent gel, is on its way to making a full recovery. CROW’s spokesman, Alexandra Kögl, said the bird was given five meticulous washes, copious amounts of rest and a nutritious diet.

“The story shocked many of our followers, with more than 50 000 of you horrified to hear the ordeal of a nightjar getting stuck in bird repellent gel, a cruel anti-pest substance that traps anything that touches it in a sticky, toxic mess,” said Kögl.

She noted that the bird’s tail was ripped out and the rest of its feathers were caked in the gel.

“It had even ingested some of it,” she said.

After one more bath, and once his tail feathers have grown back, the nightjar will be released back into the wild.