Coast KZN

12 Nov 2021

Big catches on the north coast

Ricahrd Spingorum (Zululand Observer) Picture: Dean Pretorius proudly shows off his bronze bream

Once again, the north coast waters have been a major attraction for both deep sea and shore anglers, with a great variety of fish being caught. The upper north coast has been full of billfish, dorado and other gamefish for those men trolling lures or using live bait.

When looking to cover a large amount of water at great speed, swop out to skirted lures. Colour is a personal choice, but black/red and fruit salad are two very popular choices for most of the year.

Roscoe Rautenbach was thrilled with this natal snoek he landed on a recent paddle ski angling trip

Rock and surf anglers officially opened their summer account with large inedibles feeding well. These giants should be targeted on days with a north-easterly wind with fresh mackerel the most successful bait. Simply strap a head bait with some cutlets, cast in and hold on.

For those after the edibles, the middle north coast has been the most consistent of the spots along the north coast. Chokka and sardine baits have been the most productive for the kob and shad up there.