Coast KZN

07 Mar 2023

Baby crocodile bares all in St Lucia

Tamlyn Head (Zululand Observer) Picture: Lucy Erasmus. For size comparison - the juvenile croc was smaller than this small dog's head.

St Lucia residents enjoyed a different kind of sighting on Friday morning when walking their dogs on Main Beach.

They happened upon a baby crocodile that appeared to have washed down the estuary and onto the beach.


Attempting to look as dangerous as possible, this little one was removed from the beach and taken to a safer location Photo: Lucy Erasmus

While crocodiles are resident in the bodies of water around St Lucia, it is not often that such a small one is seen out in the open.

The residents removed the reptile from the beach where it could fall prey to any number of predators looking for an easy meal, and released it elsewhere in the confines of iSimangaliso Wetland Park.