Coast KZN

03 Nov 2017

Avoid the rip… NSRI warns of high spring tides

(The Independent on Saturday)

The NSRI are urging the public to be extra cautious on our beaches during the full moon spring tide this weekend that peaks tomorrow.

This spring tide causes stronger than normal rip currents around the coast and higher than normal high tides and lower than normal low tides.

At all times bathers, anglers, paddlers, sail boarders and boaters should be aware of high tide, low tide and rip-currents but extreme caution is advised, the NSRI said.

Rip currents are one of the greatest causes of drownings around the South African coastline.

The NSRI advises bathers to use only beaches where lifeguards are on duty and swim in safe demarcated swimming zones posted by the lifeguards using their red and yellow flags. It encourages the public to obey the safety instructions of lifeguards at our beaches.

High tides at Durban are at 3.09pm today, 3.28am and 3.45pm tomorrow and 4.05am and 4.21pm on Sunday. The tidal range on Saturday and Sunday is expected to be 2.16 meters.

Safety tips can be viewed at


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